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Finding Time: A Writing Challenge Community

Finding Time -- A Writing Challenge Community
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Finding Time: A Writing Challenge Community

Hello, and welcome to Finding Time!

As a writer, I've always been fond of writing challenges - the sort of thing where you're given a prompt to write on and then a certain amount of time to spend in writing it. I like having both the rules in place and inspiration for something to write about. Also, I enjoy seeing the variety in pieces different writers come up with from the same challenge.

Every week, I will post a new challenge - a prompt to write on and a specific amount of time to be spent writing it. Anyone can participate whenever they like; there's no obligation to write something every week. Also, feel free to write on older challenges if the current one isn't something you find inspiring!

You can write anything you wish - original fiction, fanfiction, any genre you like. When posting your work, please tell us the title of the piece, the challenge you're writing on, the fandom [if there is one], pairings [if there are any], and any content warnings applicable.

Above all, have fun, and enjoy! Any questions can be directed towards me, elskegaderian.